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  • Potential difference oxygen system

    People will be sick because of hypoxia, but does not mean that oxygen can not get sick. Oxygen on the market (eg hospital oxygen
    And hyperbaric oxygen) will be associated with ozone O3, will hurt the respiratory tract and alveoli; In addition, because there is no systematic
    Regulation and balance of human potential difference, the market is difficult to oxygen oxygen equipment to the serious hypoxia lesions
    internal. Encyclical audio power for the oxygen vitality has to subvert the human health and health care of the revolutionary key technology, not
    But can detect the presence of hypoxia lesions, but also can effectively clear the circulation block, open the tissue atresia, and
    Rescue dying cells.

  • The body's acid channel

    The body is a complex and sophisticated bioelectric system, the mouth to the stomach is the positive / acidic channel, nose
    The sub-lungs are negative / alkaline channels. The reason people will acidize the mouth to eat more, more oxygen consumption, and
    Nose oxygen is not synchronized amplification, the body will cause physical acidosis acidification. Mouth will eat the disease,
    To rely on the nose to solve the oxygen.

    1. Any food left in the mouth more than 20 minutes later, the mouth will become sour;
    2. Anything into the stomach 10 to 20 minutes and then spit it out, it must be sour and smelly
    (Stomach acid is strong acid);
    3. Neck acid / muscle acid, the nose suction oxygen, but after entering the affected area, the soreness can be immediately effective

  • uman energy source

    All of the body's biochemical reactions need to rely on ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the energy base of cells) to promote, and
    Oxygen directly drives the power lines (electron transport chains) in the grain line to produce ATP. Hypoxia will not produce charge
    Foot ATP, intracellular complex biochemical reactions can not function properly, such as cell viability, free
    Lack of immunity, abnormal metabolism, etc., naturally there are a variety of physiological abnormalities and produce disease. Simply
    Said that oxygen is the power source of the human body system, when the power is sufficient, we are energetic, when the power is not enough
    Too tired, power instability will cause organ injuries, power failure when organ failure, leading to people
    Body death.

Return health to all mankind

Ci-wang audio potential oxygen breakthrough in medical technology in the oxygen can not be effectively transported to the bottleneck of the lesion, which through the regulation and balance of human potential difference,
Dredge the affected area of the obstruction and breaking high temperature and pressure and so on cycle obstacles.

With far infrared space capsule, audio control ball and other exclusive accessories, can effectively activate the cell vitality, purify the cell survival environment, the incidence of parts,
But also a complete eradication of lesions, against the old spring, is a subversion of medical / health / beauty market revolutionary products.